Makeup Class

Bridal & Natural Beauty Makeup

Two Day Class 2019


Session #1 August 25th & 26st (Sunday & Monday)

Session #2 October 27th & 28th (Sunday & Monday)

Location: Belle of the Ball  659 Cherry St. #107, Santa Rosa, CA 95404 (inside Cherry Street Professional Offices)




Tuition: $385 (includes all makeup supplies & disposables and false eye lashes), $100 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot. Credit cards accepted. Please call or email for more information. Small class size: no more than 3-6 students so you get lots of one and one from the instructor and hands on practice.

Increase Your Profits and Diversify Your Income!

Do you want to increase income and profits in 2019/2020 and future seasons? Are you interested in learning new skills and offering highly sought after and valuable services to your clientele? Adding Bridal Makeup Services to your menu is a wise investment.
The two-day Bridal Makeup & Natural Beauty Makeup Class is packed full of all the information, tips, tricks, and techniques you need to know to begin your own bridal makeup business.

Who is eligible to enroll in this Class?
If you are a Makeup Artist, Cosmetologist, Esthetician or ANYONE in the Beauty Industry that is interested in the Bridal Makeup business, this course is perfect for you. You do not need to be licensed in a skilled beauty trade. You just need to have an interest and desire to learn more about makeup! It is a great way to add services to your current menu and increase revenue for the upcoming 2019/2020 bridal season and years to come.


Perfect for All Levels of Makeup Artists
The class curriculum and hands-on practice has been developed for all levels of makeup artists.  Whether you are a beginner or already practicing your makeup skills in the industry and would just like to polish your skills, this class is for you! The class size is kept small to provide individual attention and critique of skills.  There is a blend of theory and demonstration followed by hands on practice and coaching.

Boosting Confidence and Improving Skills!
After attending this class, you will have the confidence and skills you need to expand your services with makeup for Weddings & Special Events.

These topics will all be covered in the Class:

Makeup Application & Techniques
•    Eyebrow tweezing & design; “the best brows for Brides”
•    Eye makeup technique & color choices
•    Contouring & highlighting placements
•    Flash eyelash application & selection
•    Makeup for a variety of ethnicities & skin types
•    Foundation: different types of foundation choices & application technique
•    Makeup for the mature client

Makeup Theory
•    Color theory
•    Natural Light verses artificial light
•    Photography appropriate Makeup
•    Makeup kit, supplies and brushes (choices, manufacture suggestions, & purchasing options)

Bridal Business Skills
•    Increasing profits by recommending makeup products & skin care
•    Communication with the bride & appropriate paper work needed
•    Suggestions for menus & price lists
•    Recommendations on how to market your services
•    Networking & advertising tips
•    Website Development

Supplies are provided
Everything you will need for a complete makeup station (brushes, makeup, disposables) will be provided for you. The only thing you will need to bring is something to drink, note pad and pen (something to take notes with).


This class is actually a four-day class, but it has been condensed it into a two-day class to keep it affordable and to fit into your busy life. It is packed full of information so that you can start your Bridal Makeup Business for the upcoming 2016 Bridal Season!

Bridal & Natural Beauty Makeup Kit
There is also the option of purchasing your own Complete Bridal & Natural Beauty makeup kit if you choose. You can purchase this at the class or after the class.

A Belle of the Ball “Certificate of Achievement” will be awarded at the end of the class.

Example of Class Schedule

First Day:

9 am- 9:15

Makeup Supplies & Kit
Tools of the trade: what is in your makeup station
Products, Makeup, Pallets, Brushes, Disposables

Foundation: how to custom blend
Color Theory
Custom Blended Foundation-tints, coverage, consistency & more
Preparing the skin: skin care: scrubs & gels, Primer- Sun Screen, Matte spf 30
Demonstration Custom Blended foundation
Custom Blended foundation application

10:30-11am  Practice Blending, Creating the perfect match foundation

11- 11:15am    Break

11:15—11:45    Makeup kit & tools of the trade, analyzing your kit, kit essentials, things you might not know about, tricks of the trade supplies

Foundation & Demonstration
•    Different Types of foundation for different skin types & when are they used
•    Choosing the right foundation for the bride, client or event
•    Custom blended foundation, pre-maid formulas for your makeup kit
•    How & where to match the foundation
•    Powder, custom blending powder to match the foundation
•    Conceal: powder compact concealer, using your foundation as the concealer
Practice Foundation Application, blending, concealer, powder

12:30-1pm     Lunch

1-2 pm

Hands on practice: primer, foundation, concealer, and powder


The Bridal Consultation (Preview)
•    The greeting
•    Communication about the “look”
•    Have her show you photos of makeup that she likes and does not like
•    Skin care (exfoliation & hydration)
•    Makeup chart
•    Questions to ask the bride: what time of day is the ceremony? What is her dress like? Etc…
•    Building a relationship & rapport with the bride
•    Other esthetic services you may want to offer at the Preview

Role Play: The Bridal Consultation

Theory: Eye brow design, how to create the perfect brow
•    Supplies needed for eye brow tweezing
•    The eye brow frames the face
•    Different brows for different faces
•    Working with what you have
Demonstration: Eye brow design (tweezing)


Practice: Eye brow tweezing, growing, filling in

Demonstration: The Natural Beauty Look
•    Highlighting & contouring placement
•    Two Tiered eye shadow & three tired eye shadow placement
•    Cheeks
•    Lips: Liner, gloss, lipstick

4-5:30 pm Practice the natural beauty look

5:30-6 Clean up & questions

Second Day:

Theory & Demonstration:
The Smokey eye, the Asian eye, Classic Three Tired Eye
9:30-10:30 Practice: the Smokey eye, the Asian eye, Classic Eye


Theory: False Eye Lashes
•    Supplies needed for false eye lashes
•    Choosing different lashes for different brides
•    When to use strips & when to use individuals
•    How many lashes do you use
•    How to trim, and when to trim
Demonstration: False eyelash placement, individuals
11-12 Practice: False eye lash application, individuals

Lunch 12-1pm
1-2 Bridal Business
The bridal information sheet (also called the Quote and the most important part of the communication with the bride)
Communication Templates:
Introductory Email to the Bride, verbiage used, templates of emails
Driving directions to preview location
Example time line of services day of wedding

•    Contact fields
•    Online advertising
•    Links page or preferred vendors
•    Online portfolio
•    Search Engine Optimization

•    Wedding Expos or fairs
•    Mailing lists
•    Price lists
•    Brochures or menu of services
•    Graphic design
•    Logo creation

Other Makeup Services that you can provide:
•    Prom or Dance makeup
•    Photo shoot makeup
•    Special event makeup
•    Makeovers
•    Makeup Lessons


Dewey Look

Photo shoot makeup verses Bridal Makeup, Green Screen Makeup

2:30-3:30 Mock Bridal Preview #1

3:30 – 4:30 Mock Bridal Preview #2

4:30-5:30pm Practice what you need, checks, eyes, lips, lashes

Critique of Brides makeup
Course Quiz
Testimonial & photographic consent form
Clean up & questions


What some other students have said about the class:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for everything you put into the arrangements to have given this comprehensive Bridal Makeup seminar.  It took a lot of planning and station set up to keep us smoothly moving along.  I know we all left confident in our new skill in color matching foundations, working to make the bride’s special look for her most important day as well as fundamentals of glamor application for the rest of us.

I would like to mention thanks as well for the business savvy you imparted in between our brush strokes, pertinent little pointers to help with our success as artists and business women.  Your real world application of artistic and practical skills will be part of my professional package in the future. I am looking forward to hearing of your successes with this program in the future too! Sincerely,”

Melody Skinner, Makeup Artist, Licensed Esthetician,  April 2009

“Thank you for a positive learning experience! Not only did the class fit my budget it was fun and informative. You have changed my mind regarding makeup services. It was much more than a bridal makeup class for me. I will be offering makeovers to help others to realize their own personal natural beauty.  Sincerely,”
Robbie (Gonyer) Penney, Makeup Artist, Licensed Esthetician, April 2009
“Caelie Steele is the best teacher ever.  She is charismatic and friendly.  I learned a lot about the business side of being a makeup artist.  She is the best take her class!”

Kristen L., Makeup Artist, April 2009

“Caelie’s class was so helpful and the things I learned from her are already increasing my business! I am so grateful for her advice and expertise. I can’t thank you enough Caelie! I would recommend this class to anyone interested in any facet of makeup design!”
Robbi Woods, Makeup Artist, March 2009

Thank you, Caelie. I really enjoyed your makeup course. You taught me what an honor it is to be a part of a bride’s special day. You taught me how to effectively communicate and work with a bride. I learned the importance of having patience, being kind and staying calm. The business aspect and structure that you provide us with will allow me to be professional in my own wedding business. I have already used the skills and information I learned at your workshop.

“The step by step training in makeup technique taught me how to apply makeup that will last throughout the entire day so a bride will look her best. You showed me how to be creative in my makeup application and design, especially when applying makeup for older women to achieve a fresh and natural look. You have given me the confidence to begin my own business. Thank you!”
Miriam Rojas, Licensed Cosmologist, Makeup Artist, March 2009

Caelie Steele is an amazing instructor. She is through, patient, and makes learning extra fun! I learned a lot from her makeup application class and would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about working with clients and makeup application skills. She is also very knowledgeable about what tools, products and supplies you will need to have in your professional makeup kit.  –Allison Lura, March 2009

“I found the makeup class to be very informative and helpful with improving my makeup application skills. I learned a lot from the time we spent together in the class. I look forward to future a class to build my makeup skills even more. This class also helped me with my knowledge about eyebrows: waxing and shaping them! Thank you so much!”

Meghan FioRito, Licensed Esthetician, Makeup Artist, March 2009

“Thank you for all the articles and everything! I was asked to do makeup for the Miss Seafair/ Miss Hi-Yu in Seattle! Thank you so much for everything! You truly taught me what I need to know to be confident in applying makeup for special occasions and not only that, but on myself as well! The class was so thorough and taught me to look at makeup in ways I never thought before! Not to mention learning the business aspect of it helped so much! “

Kelly Nicole Dearing, Licensed Esthetician, Professional Makeup Artist, 2008

“I am very pleased with the two day bridal makeup class that Caelie Steele offered at my business. I am proud to say that not only myself but my employees learned a lot and have the skills and confidence they need to do bridal and special event makeup. The added services will increase revenue for my business in the upcoming bridal season and years to come. I definitely recommend Caelie as Consultant in the Esthetician and Beauty Industry. She is professional, well spoken and has handles every situation with integrity. “
Olivia Trevino, 2008
Esthetician & Makeup Artist, Owner: Olivia Trevino Skin Care &Electrolysis

“The makeup class with Caelie was as much fun as it was informative.  Caelie shared numerous tricks of the trade providing me with a great foundation to work from.  Most importantly she was very supportive and encouraging stressing the versatility and fun of makeup!”
Nicole Rundus, 2008
Makeup Artist, Licensed Cosmologist

“Being new to make-up, I found Caelie’s class very helpful with learning essential make-up application for bridal and special occasion make-up. Caelie is very down to earth, professional and detail oriented. Thanks for all the tips and tricks! I now feel confident enough to add bridal makeup to my menu of services!”
Nissa Rodinec, 2008
Makeup Artist, Manicurist

“I learned that it is  very important it is to have a preview for a bride. I also learned all the steps that need to be covered with the bride at the preview so that the communication is clear and this will lead to success on the day of the wedding and a happy bride. I also gained confidence in my makeup application and ability. I know feel confident in charging for my makeup services and am glad that I attended this class.”
Amanda Bailey, 2008, Makeup Artist

“Thanks to Caelie, I not only learned the technical skills of bridal make up, but also the behind the scenes know how of the industry. She is professional and communicates well, especially in high pressure situations. Caelie is a wonderful instructor. “
Deanna Reis, 2007, Makeup Artist